Don’t Let Freezing Temperatures Turn Into Frozen Pipes!

Are your Client’s Properties Ready for Freezing Temperatures?

As we all know, water expands as it freezes, putting an extreme amount of pressure on whatever is containing it, including metal or plastic pipes.  If your clients have properties located in areas where subzero temperatures often hit, they’ll know that dealing with frozen pipes is a messy and often expensive issue!

Pipes that are the most susceptible to freezing include, but are not limited to water sprinkler lines, water supply pipes in unheated/non-insulated rooms, etc.  It is important for your property manager clients to have the proper tools to ensure they know how to deal with the harsh effects of freezing temperatures.  

Click here for a downloadable .pdf version of our Frozen Pipes checklist.  

This checklist gives preventative measures for frozen pipes as well as what to do if a pipe actually does freeze or burst!

Is your client’s building located in an area that is prone to freezing temperatures?  Making sure your clients have the information needed to take the proper preventative measures to ensure their pipes do not freeze is a helpful way to reduce the risk of property damage and potential claims.

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