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The Crucial Role of Oil Tank Coverage for Building Owners

Often overlooked, but a necessary coverage.Helping protect your insured can sometimes be a challenging task. When it comes to real estate owners, safeguarding their property and the well-being of their building’s occupants should be the utmost priority. One aspect that often goes unnoticed but carries significant potential risks is the presence of oil tanks on …

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storage tank oil spill

Storage Tank and Site Pollution Liability – The Unsung Hero

The above ground fuel oil tank located in your insured’s building’s basement was overfilled when the deliveryman was distracted while playing games on his smartphone. An inch of oil covered the floor around the tank and damaged the personal property that several tenants were storing in the area.
Coverage for storage tanks is often overlooked.


COVID-19 & New Empire Group’s RECOVER Program + Tips on How to Deal with Potential COVID-19 Related Issues

As the days go by, there seems to be new information regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease everywhere we turn. With this new information, there is also concern over its potential to affect the welfare of our employees or our business operations. You may be wondering if it’s negative effect could be covered by an insurance policy you have?

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