Storm Preparedness Tips for Buildings

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Precautionary measures can help limit the amount of damage in a storm.

Hurricane Ida – which ripped through Louisiana leaving thousands without power and widespread damage across the coastline – weakened to a tropical storm on Monday. Despite the weaker system, it will continue to spread heavy rain as it makes its way northeast. Even areas far from the storm’s center can experience severe flooding, heavy rainfall, and strong winds.

With storms on the horizon, building owners should be taking the necessary steps to prepare to deal with possible flooding and addressing any issues involving roofs and gutters to withstand severe weather.

Here are a few tips to help prepare any building for an impending storm…

  Fill and place sandbags if necessary at low points of the property and at door thresholds

  Check roof for leaks or missing/damaged tiles and shingles

  Prepare basements and lower levels for possible flooding
      (try to elevate possessions, electronics, and furniture if possible)

  Clear drains, gutters, downspouts, and any nearby storm drains to prevent blockage

  Secure or remove antennas or any objects on the roof

  Check wall hangings and art

  Place important records or documents in a safe, elevated location

  Close all windows

  Have a cleanup plan in place

Building owners should never wait until a warning is issued, because it may be too late to take certain precautions. Staying up to date on the condition of a building year-round is important to help quicken the process of preparing for any storm. 

Be aware that the Atlantic hurricane season begins on June 1st, but the most active portion falls between August 20th and October. It is better to be safe than sorry!

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