Ways To Make Self Improvements That Will Change Your Life – Part 1

Here at New Empire Group, we have a policy of always making sure we are there for our clients, not only of course physically, but mentally and emotionally.

Why mention emotionally? Because we are in the middle of something unknown, something that takes our breath away with its sheer magnitude; both metaphorically and, unfortunately, literally. Panic sets in when we contemplate it, and brings fear. We do everything in our collective power to ensure we get through this—and one way is through a daily thought from an employee, shared with everyone. We’d like to share these with you, and today begin with something that is apropos to today’s world and which allows us to ensure our commitment to you.

Live in the present moment

Though we help people plan for their business future and we believe in those futures, there’s something to be said for living now. In today’s world, we’re wearing facial coverings; keeping our physical distance from others, including loved ones; and washing our hands as much as surgeons do. Though we’re doing this for our future and that of those around us, it gives credence to the importance of living in today and doing everything in this present moment for that security. But even more importantly is our responsibility to do everything possible by understanding what’s happening in the present moment and doing everything that we must and doing what is right, even though it may be uncomfortable. Only then will we be able to move into our future.

Learn something new; exercise daily

Oh how many times in social media memes and postings we’ve heard this over the last five months! The entire world pitched in by offering free university level courses, virtual tours of the amazing museums of the world (did you see the one letting you walk through the Louvre? Or the one wandering the glory of Petra? Breathtaking!), free cooking classes, and let’s not forget the myriad of free lessons to learn nearly every world language. We’re inspired daily to take advantage of these to learn something new—no matter your age! Along with all of these were inspirations of figuring out ways to exercise while in lockdown: walking a pet dog (or fostering one, enabling this); doing laps around your small apartment; running around the backyard; videos showing arm curls using large cans of beans; or letting the cat or dog standing on your back while doing pushups. The ideas were endless! But even more so was the rise of videos that lead us to our last point…

Listen to uplifting music and dance!

When the panic or fear takes hold, turn off the news and turn the TV to the music channels, or hit YouTube. Whether you’re a fan of the roaring 20s or jazzy 30s, the beachy 50s and 60s, hippy 70s, disco 80s, metal 90s, or present-age hip-hop and rap, there is no better way to bring yourself up and out of any fear or funk than to dance! Have no human partner? Dance with the dog (though not too much because their legs aren’t designed for that kind of thing)! Working from home? If you put on the music, I bet you start chair-dancing—or do like Elvis sang to us, “if you can’t find a partner, use a wooden chair”! Dance while you’re cooking or prepping your meal; if you’re in an apartment and don’t want to disturb neighbors, put on those headphones, turn it up and dance all over the apartment. Check out some new music genres and let your body figure the dancing out—make up those new moves, dance like no one is watching and let your spirit soar!


Let us know if you like this new type of side-blog, and what you think about our three ways of living in this new world. What do you and your employees do?


Guest blog written by Maria Vano.


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