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Whether you’re moving into a new apartment, condominium or house, there are a few superstitions or “Old Wives’ Tales” that you should be aware of! We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 favorite superstitions and where they originated!

  1. Do not move into a new home on a Saturday or a Rainy day. These are unlucky and may prevent you from ever truly settling into your new home.  There is an old Irish saying: “Saturday flitting, short sitting!”.  <According to Indian superstition, Thursday is the luckiest day to move in.> (Ireland)
  2. Never move an old broom into a new home, you’ll bring all of your former bad luck with you. (United States)
  3. Putting shoes on a table in your home will bring bad luck. (United States, United Kingdom)
  4. If black ants frequent your home you’ll come into wealth. (Philippines)
  5. Don’t sweep your home at night or you’ll brush away good fortune. (West Africa)
  6. Carry a loaf of bread over the threshold during your very first steps into your new home to bring good luck. (Philippines)
  7. Never accept knives, scissors or sharp objects as housewarming presents. It symbolizes a cutting of your friendship – meaning, your friend will soon become an enemy. (Italy)
  8. The first time you leave your new home, exit through the same door you entered. (Ireland)
  9. You should paint your front porch blue, it will ward off ghosts. This superstition originated in the Southern plantation homes, and tells us that ghosts can’t cross water; by painting your front porch blue it will confuse ghosts into thinking the porch is made of water, so they won’t enter the home. (United States)
  10. Spread a pinch of salt over the threshold of every room, including the front door. Some say the salt wards off evil; others believe it brings out the flavor in life and ensures a happy household.


Do you have any new home superstitions you’d like to share with us? We’d love to hear them!


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