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Think about the last time you were scrolling through your Facebook feed. What posts caught your attention the most? Were there posts that annoyed you? Did you happen to see 7 posts in a row from someone who is an ‘Over-Sharer’?

Figuring out your Social Media Strategy can be a little overwhelming, but we have a few pointers to help you engage your followers and keep them wanting more!

1. Share industry related articles (even if you have not written them yourself). Be sure to give credit where credit is due though! Make sure to link directly to the article, do not copy and paste the work on your page without the proper source link.

2. Take the time to review your posts and the reactions they get from people. This helps weed out the posts people do not want to see.

3. Post about your employees, candid shots of your employees at work, during office celebrations, etc. doing real things throughout the day. This often receives good engagement from followers. It is nice to put faces to names!

4. Post information about community events and take the time to recognize volunteer work and the efforts of people in your community (especially your employees!).

5. Ask industry related questions to try to stir up conversation amongst your followers and encourage people to share their own experiences. Remember it is called SOCIAL media for a reason. Doing this will create a more emotional/meaningful connection with your followers.

6. Stay away from ‘touchy’ topics such as politics and religion. People will get offended and you could potentially lose an existing or potential client this way.

Most people who follow company pages are looking for answers to problems or resources they can use not ads and posts about the different products & services your company provides. Remember social media is not about selling, it is about connecting with your followers to create more intimate relationships. Try to put yourself in your follower’s shoes, if you wouldn’t want to see that type of post on your news feed then you should refrain from posting it on your company page!

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