Apartment BuildingsIt is the right of the resident to expect a safe and clean building premise.  Failure to maintain safe premises exposes the owner and property manager to claims from residents and guests who become injured or ill as a result of that failure. Settlements for these types of claims can be financially devastating if your clients do not have the proper limits of coverage in place.

Whether you are working with a new Property Manager or a seasoned professional, they should have a Preventative Maintenance Program in place for their property.  This should include maintenance for the HVAC system, rain gutters, water heaters, storm drains, swimming pool, etc.  Does your property manager have a program that could use some re-vamping or are they not sure what to include in this Preventative Maintenance Program?  Download our sample Preventative Maintenance List from our Document Download page to distribute to your property managers.  Remind them that it is better to be proactive than reactive!

Remember, each property is different; this is simply a sample list. To avoid missing any important items, property managers should complete a thorough walk through of the property to ensure everything will be included in the program.  A properly trained staff, regular inspections and service of all items identified as part of the program will save money and unwanted claims!

Download our Sample Preventative Maintenance List from our Document Downloads page!

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