Social Media1Americans now spend more time on Facebook than they do with their pets. According to a recent study, Americans on average spend about 40 minutes a day on Facebook, and 39 minutes a day tending to their pets!

That’s a scary statistic! Social Media has become an important marketing tool for insurance professionals. If your agency isn’t blogging, using LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook yet, you are behind the times! You may be wondering how social media can help your company’s marketing strategy.

Here are a few ways Social Media can help!

Brand Building – Using social media helps raise brand awareness amongst colleagues, clients, other insurance professionals ad your local community. Putting an actual human face to a brand helps familiarize you in the industry and the community.

Generating Leads –Your blogs and other social media posts offer valuable content to your followers in real-time. Being able to stay in front of your clients on a daily basis allows your company to be the first person your client thinks about for their insurance needs.

Building Loyalty – Whether you like it or not, increasingly, customers wish to obtain customer service with companies who use social and digital channels. The younger demographic coming through are much more comfortable with non-verbal communication, BUT this is not unique to the younger crowd. We live in a technological era where people are accustomed to getting instant feedback.

With all of that being said, ironically, Social Media can help insurance brands appear more ‘human’.  Is your agency using Social Media in their marketing campaigns?  We’d love to hear how!

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