Email MarketingAre you overwhelmed by the thought of Email Marketing?  If so, you are not alone.  Many small businesses trying to expand their marketing campaigns are often intimidated by mass email marketing.  You can send out an effective email ‘blast’ without sending it to 1,000 people.  Consider a “mini-blast” – this essentially means sending out a few direct emails to specific valued clients on a daily basis to keep them ‘in the loop’ as to what is going on at your company.  This is just a small twist on the standard e-mail marketing techniques.  Sending a few (between 5 and 10) emails like this a day is a great way to let your clients know you’re still here and thinking about them.  This technique helps people who may already be very busy and who would not be able to handle the mass response a normal email blast would generate.  Think of your “mini-blast” marketing campaign as a way to develop your current and potential clients.  The campaign should keep them aware of your newest products and services.

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