#Hashtags aren’t just for Twitter anymore!  Facebook finally announced that they have implemented #hashtagged phrases as a way to get you involved in real-time global conversations!  Similar to Twitter, if you place a hashtag symbol (#) in front of a word or phrase your post will then become viral.  Anyone who searches for that word or phrase will be able to see that post.  For example:


In this instance, when you click the #insurance hashtag or someone searches for #insurance you’ll see a feed of other posts that include that particular hashtag.


What this means to you?

Have you reviewed your privacy settings lately?  If not, it might be a great time to update them.  ‘Public Posts’ have always appeared to anyone on Facebook who is your friend or has searched for you.  Adding the #hashtag symbol simplifies a way for people to find posts that they’re interested in.  If you are concerned with who can see your page or posts on Facebook, be sure to change the settings of your profile to “Friends” in the “Who can see my stuff?” section.   (See image below)


Once you’ve changed this, you also have to be aware that if you post something with a #hashtagged word or phrase, the only way it will be public is if you change the small toggle under the text box to ‘Public’. (See image below)



Facebook describes it as “The people you’ve shared your post with can also see it in that hashtag’s feed. For example, if you share a post with a hashtag with Friends, they can see your post in that hashtag’s feed. If you share a public post, like those shared by Pages, anyone who clicks that hashtag can see your post in that feed.”

There will most likely be mixed reviews about Facebook adding the #hashtag feature. I don’t call it copy-catting I call it keeping up with what’s ‘trending’ now in the social media world.  Keep in mind, #hashtags are already being used on Instagram, Pinterest and of course, Twitter.  Facebook is just keeping up with the crowd.

What do you think of Facebook implementing the use of #hashtags?

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