Community Associations with lakes, ponds or other natural bodies of water face safety concerns that differ from the risks posed by pools. Due to natural factors like freezing and other conditions, lakes require additional safety precautions. Below are some discussion points for boards and their agents to consider.




  • Signs should be posted along shorelines clearly noting the risks and rules for the lake or pond.
  • Community Associations may want to note “No Diving”. If docks are present, signs should address acceptable behavior.
  • Other association rules such as “No fishing”, “No Sailing”. “No Skating” should also be clearly noted if applicable.


  • The association’s designated swimming areas should be clearly marked. If swimming is prohibited without lifeguard on duty this should be clearly posted. The association’s alcoholic beverage policies should be clearly noted around lake areas.


  • If boating is allowed considering a separate area for boating may avoid additional hazards with swimmers. Life vests should be required to be worn at all times while boating. Limiting boat speeds can also help avoid dangerous accidents.

Frozen Lakes

  • When a lake becomes frozen, associations may want to take precautions such as posting “No Skating”, “Thin Ice” or other warnings or rules. If snowmobiles or ATV’s are used in the community, policies regarding their use on frozen lakes should be posted.

Please note that this information is present as a starting point for safety discussions and does not cover all of the safety issues that need to be identified when considering water safety.

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