The holidays are a great excuse for your property manager clients to engage with their tenants in a much more relaxed manner than speaking to them at board meetings or general trips to the office.  Halloween can be considered the unofficial start to the holiday season!  Here are a few things your property manager clients can do to celebrate Halloween with their tenants!

  • Suggest hosting a balcony decorating contest. There can be different categories such as ‘Scariest’, ‘Most Creative’, ‘Funniest’ or ‘Most Seasonal’ with different prizes for each.  Competitions are a great way to create talking points with your property manager clients and their tenants.
  • Host a Halloween party. You can also have prizes for ‘Best Costume’, ‘Most Creative’, etc.  Suggest each tenant bring a different Halloween-themed treat.
  • Host a ‘campfire’ story telling evening in the ‘party room’ or clubhouse.
  • Consider hosting a ‘haunted house’ for tenants.
  • Decorate the lobby with Halloween or seasonal décor.
  • Make sure the Halloween candy dish in the property management office is always refilled!

Tenant engagement and communication is always important for property managers.  What better way to achieve this than focusing on the holidays as they are a common interest amongst almost everyone!

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