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The History of Flag Day

Did you know that Flag Day is not considered a federal holiday? Seems odd considering it’s the day our country honors its national flag.

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Ways To Make Self Improvements That Will Change Your Life – Part 2

How many times since February and March have any of us had to understand and apply this to our lives? We know in our minds that we can’t change what mandates the powers-that-be are demanding of us; and though none of “like” it (Let’s face it, masks aren’t comfortable no matter how pretty-pictured or interestingly-designed they are, and hugs are awesome!)

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How Building Construction Determines Fire Insurance Rates

When it comes to determining how insurance companies arrive at rating different type of commercial property, it’s important to determine and understand the various scenarios for rating damage by fire.

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Crossing Rough Rivers: How Strong Is Your Bridge?

Let’s face it—the past few years, and even as far back as ten, have been tough when it comes to rates in both insurance and reinsurance.

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Ways To Make Self Improvements That Will Change Your Life – Part 1

Here at New Empire Group, we have a policy of always making sure we are there for our clients, not only of course physically, but mentally and emotionally.

Why mention emotionally? Because we are in the middle of something unknown, something that takes our breath away with its sheer magnitude; both metaphorically and, unfortunately, literally.

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Tips for Staying Cool During this Extreme Heat!

With the hottest temperatures of the season set to arrive within the next few weeks, it is important to for your property manager clients to prepare themselves and their buildings! Extreme heat can stress property management assets beyond their limits.

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commercial umbrella insurance

Why Commercial Umbrella Insurance is So Important

A customer slips on the wet floor in a strip mall and injures herself, breaking her hip. Is your client prepared for the financial hardship that can ensue from this accident on their property if they do not have a commercial umbrella policy in place?

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storage tank oil spill

Storage Tank and Site Pollution Liability – The Unsung Hero

The above ground fuel oil tank located in your insured’s building’s basement was overfilled when the deliveryman was distracted while playing games on his smartphone. An inch of oil covered the floor around the tank and damaged the personal property that several tenants were storing in the area.
Coverage for storage tanks is often overlooked.

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Have a lot to lose? You need Commercial Umbrella Insurance!

Property Owners, Coop Boards and Landlords research and deal with many different types of insurance policies for their property. One of the most commonly overlooked (and one of the most important) types of insurance is the umbrella insurance policy. It’s important to let your client’s know that primary coverage may not be enough to cover them in the event of a catastrophic claim. This is where their umbrella insurance would come into play.

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