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Avoid Seeming Like the Grinch This Holiday Season: Enforcing Condo Holiday Decoration Policies

Okay, now that all the holiday décor is unpacked and in full force, it may be time to remind condominium dwellers to take a step back and make sure that their decorations are compliant with any holiday décor policies their condo or coop may have.

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5 Thanksgiving Facts To Share At The Table This Year

Thanksgiving, celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, is a wonderful time of the year. (Christmas may try and say otherwise.) It doesn’t get better than expressing gratitude and appreciation for all we have in our lives, getting together with friends and family, and stuffing ourselves with good food and drinks.

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Flag Day – Do You Know Your Flag Etiquette?

Showing respect and devotion to our nation’s flag has become a part of our everyday lives, whether we are singing the national anthem, reciting the pledge of allegiance, or simply hanging the flag outside of our offices and homes.

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Preparations for Winter = An Ounce of Prevention

With the Fall season coming to an end and winter beginning, there’s no denying what a beautiful time of year it is. However, with that beauty comes the need for prevention by property managers, apartment owners, building managers, and community associations of winterizing to start preparing their buildings.

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Ways to Prevent Burglary and Theft at a Building

If burglary is an opportunistic crime, are you doing all you can to arrest the opportunity? Let’s take a look at some ways to make your properties less attractive to thieves, and prevent burglary and theft at your, and your clients’, commercial properties.

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The Bounty of Thanksgiving Day!

There’s always something to be thankful for, and with grateful hearts we give thanks for every single strand of the New Empire Insurance Services web, the intricate circle that has – and will – always be built on the premise and strength of family.

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When The Sky Isn’t Always The Limit: What Commercial Umbrella Limits Should Be Carried

Any Community Association Board of Directors or Landlord who reads the news, knows how times keep changing and that society becomes more and more litigious with each passing year.

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Storm Preparedness Tips for Buildings

With storms on the horizon, building owners should be taking the necessary steps to prepare to deal with possible flooding and addressing any issues involving roofs and gutters to withstand severe weather.

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3 Reasons Your Insured Needs Environmental Insurance

Pollution…the environment…toxic waste spills…trash…these and many other words are heard, whispered, discussed each and every day in present times. “That will never happen at my business!” But what if?

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