Considerations for Snow Removal Contracts

With the extreme temperatures and excessive snow starting to hit parts of the country, one thing your property manager clients will probably be dealing with is snow removal.  Have your client’s made arrangements with an outside company prior to this season’s snowfall?  In this blog, we will list a few things to consider when drawing up a contract with a snow removal company.

Items Your Client’s Snow Removal Contract Should Include:

  • Specifics on when the work will commence, generally stated in terms of the number of inches of accumulated snow.

  • Will the snow be removed on a continuous basis? Will only certain areas be continuously cleared, and the remainder of the snow to be cleared after the snow has ended?

  • A snow removal completion deadline should be clearly stated in the contract.

  • Clearly specify what areas, streets, driveways, garage areas, etc. are to be cleared.

  • Determine which areas are to be cleared with a shovel, which are to be cleared with a snow plow, etc. If a snowplow is to be used, state how many inches off the ground the plow must be raised in an attempt to prevent any damage to asphalt and other surfaces.

  • Take into consideration any potential negative effects on concrete, plant materials, paint or other areas before choosing whether salt, ice melt or sand should be applied.

  • The contractor should obtain proper insurance prior to signing the contract naming the association as an additional insured.

  • Will the contractor’s equipment be stored on the property?

  • How will the contractor repair any damages, if any, done to the property during the snow removal process?
These are just a few items to consider when contracting out snow removal for your client’s property.

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